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Profile: Nanny K

I’m dyslexic & I write children’s life skill rhymes and songs that allow them to thrive with communication while they play.
Covering all areas of development to help during their day.
We use a different part of our brains to store songs than we do when we talk and read.
The more we say the more they will hear.
It is far easier to repeat ourselves if we sing it rather than say it.
I believe is the way to improve speech and language development.
I believe in if we see, we sing, we say more everyday.
Say Hello:

I Am Dyslexic

🥰I am dyslexic my name is Nanny💕K🤗
⭐️From seesingsay 👀🎶🤗⭐️
🤗I read & write in rhyme🎶
🤗It helps me all the time🕰
🤗I sing lots of songs🎶
🤗All day long⏳
🤗As I’m working with a 👥
🤗Different part of my brain🧠
🤗One sided for talking & reading🧠
🤗One sides for singing & rhyming🧠
🤗Using Rhythm & Rhyme🎶
🤗It helps me all the time🕰
🤔I wish someone could explain to me🗣
🤗To help me see 👀
🤗It helps me to learn 📚
🤗It help me with words 📖
🤗It helps me spell please do tell🗣
🤗To help me understand 🧠
🤗I sing a little song 🎶
🤗That don’t take long⏳
⭐️Stars that rhyme sing all the time🎵
😀Sing a song that won’t take long⏳
⭐️Stars that rhyme we sing & sign🤗
👥We help you sing & make you grin😀
⭐️Stars that rhyme sing all the time🕰
🤗Help you to think to ask for a drink☕️
⭐️Stars that rhyme we sing all the time🕰
🤗Help you begin to say new things😀
⭐️Stars that rhyme sing all the time🕰
🤗When we sing we learn new things🤗
⭐️Stars that rhyme we sing all the time🕰
😀As we walk we learn to talk🗣

🤗Thank you 🙏
🤗I hope you have a lovely Day🏡

🥰Being dyslexic I still struggle😱
😂With these even today !😱
😱I have to be careful😱
📝That I write the right way🤣
😂It doesn’t help me when I say🤣
🤷‍♀️Which Witch🧙‍♀️is Which 😂
🤗Hi High🤣🤗I Eye 👁😂Oar or ore🤣
😂No Know🤣 👃Nose Knows🤣
🎠Fair Fare🤣 😂Wear Where🤣
👂Hear Here🤣 😂There Their🤣
⏰Hour Our👥 🙎🏻‍♀️Hair Hare🐇
🤔Whether Weather🌦↔️Way Weigh⚖️
🐻Bear Bare🦵👀See Sea🌊
👥We wee🚽🟢Pea Pee💧😂Be Bee🐝
🛫Soar sore🩹 👐Pair Pear🍐
📝Write Right✅ 🪡 Sew So🤣
😂Cell Sell £ 😐Bored Board🤣
😂Course Coarse🤣 😂Knew New🤣
🐑Baa Bah🐑 🌾Bale Bail🤣
🗓Days Daze🤪 🦌Deer Dear🥰
😂Earn Urn ⚱️ 🚢Quay Key🔑
🦶Heal Heel🤣 👖Jean Gene🧬
📦Mail Male🤷‍♂️ 😂Made Maid🤣
🌱Leek Leak💦👸🏻Reign Rain🌧
👥Nee Knee🦵🤜kneed Need🙏
📖Tale Tail 🦨 🤗Won One 1
😋Ate eight 8 😂To Too Two 2
🗣These are known as Homophones😂
🤗There are plenty of others📖
😍That I struggle to know🤔
🤗Which ones to write📝
😂When they sound the same🗣
😂I don’t always know no 😔
🤗Which one is witch🤣
😱& If that’s not hard enough😔
📝Some have more than 2 !
📖Hundreds Words 📚
🎶That sounds the same🎶
😂But mean something different 😱
🐻Bear Bair Bare🦵
🤔Whether Wether Weather 🌦
😋Ate ait eight 8
😂Aid ade adie🤣
😂Course Coarse Corse 🤣
😂Oar or ore🤣
💦Rain Rein Reign👸🏻
🤗To Two Too many to mention🤣
🤣Homophones for you😂

I struggle with reading & writing
I need extra help with learning
I find it hard to see & look
Please don’t ask me to read from a book

I am worried can’t you see
I can’t read don’t shout at me
Words move around on the pages
Please don’t make me stand up & read

Please please listen to me
I find it hard to read out loud
Please please don’t laugh me
I find it hard to make the right sound

Standing up in class makes me terrified
It makes me feel like I can’t speak
It makes me feel so scared & sad
When you asked me to read out loud

I need more time to see the words
On the page they move around
I don’t feel I can’t make a sound
When I’m standing on the ground

Please don’t make me stand up & say
Things from a book I can’t find my way
I’m sitting in my chair looking in the air
Confused & I can’t see the words on there

I can’t read from the book
I can’t see the words on the page
Please don’t make me I’m not ready
I just need some more time to be steady

I don’t want to stand up in front of you
Say it out loud & be proud
Of who I am & what I can say
I will learn better in the end in this way

Please help me to speak in rhyme
It helps me all of the time
It helps me to sing & learn new things
I can talk in rhyme give me more time

Help me by singing the words to me
Sing what they say help me learn today
I will speak better in the end
If I rhyme all of the time my friend

Don’t ask me to stand up & talk out loud
I like being part of a crown
I don’t really do things on my own
But I rather be learning at my home

The other children they laugh at me
I find it hard to read & look & see
I’m dyslexic but I still yearn
It takes me time but I want to learn

I’m not like all the other kids
Who find it easy to read from a book
I don’t learn in this way
I need help just to say

I can do almost anything
When I stand up & I sing
It’s easier for me to sing than to say
Please can you help me in this way

If I just sing a little song
I can pronounce almost anything
But if I read out loud from a book
I don’t know which way to look

I need extra time to sing a little rhyme
I need some help from you
Let’s see what we can do
It takes me more time than you two

I am dyslexic what is this word
I can’t even spell it I have just heard
This is what they call it
When I mixed up all of my words

I can’t even say some words
I don’t know how to spell it
This word dyslexic
What does it mean to me

I don’t see words the same as you do
I find it very difficult to learn
All the letters & the all words
Please don’t make me have a turn

It’s easier for me to sing out loud
And to be part of the crowd
I am dyslexic what a word
I can’t hardly pronounce what I’ve heard

🚶‍♀️Walking & talking go hand in hand🤝
🎶Rhyming & singing l understand🤗
🚶‍♀️Walking & talking is nice to do🤗
🎶Rhyming & singing me & you👥
⭐️I’m a little star and I can sing🎶
🎶Little song that make me grin😃
⭐️I’m a little star and I can sing🎶
🎶Songs to help me say new things

🚶‍♀️Walking & talking go hand in hand🤝
🚶‍♀️Walking & talking we understand🧠
🚶‍♀️Walking & talking me & you👭
🚶‍♀️Walking & talking is what we do👭
👭Sharing & caring go hand in hand🤝
👭Sharing & caring we understand🧠
👭Sharing & caring me & you👭
👭Sharing & caring is what we do👭