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Profile: Emma Lea

Emma Lea Emma is a dyslexic poet, author and SEN specialist living in Stretford with her partner, daughter and rescue hens. She has started to record her writings as videos with the text on the screen to make her books more accessible to people who can't access them as traditional paperbacks for whatever reason. These read along audiobooks are available for free to anyone who wants them and has an internet connection. Emma has an MA in Inclusive Education and SEN. She works with home schooling families who's children cannot access either mainstream or specialist provision in schools and is incredibly proud of the progress 'her chiddlers' make. The chickens are a real conundrum. Emma doesn't like eggs.

I may not fit in, in this place,
I'm unique and that 's fine.
And I'll find my own space.
I am special, I am me, I am mine.
I have gifts that only I can bring,
I have got my own special zing,
So I'll be a Jungle Jellyfish with pride,
And let myself try to be free
I'll explore and discover, and try not to hide,
In a world almost ready for me.
A jungle jellyfish, through the vines I weave,
With delicate haste, I silently leave
My neon lights, bright in the dark
I'm on my way,
a peaceful spark
It's ok to feel like a jungle jellyfish
and it's OK to roam.
And it's OK to want to belong and to come back home.